Wednesday, 6 August 2014

30 Truths About Blogging

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Hi! A bit of a different post from me here on the blog but thought it would be fun to write about this. I've seen a lot of bloggers do something similar and thought it would be fun to do this tag!

1. You will always be fussy with your blog layout and always want to change it.
2. You will refresh your page statistics over and over again. (i'm so guilty of this)
3. You will indulge in a lot more online shopping than you ever did before.
4. Some days your blog will get a lot of views and comments, and some days it wont.
5. You will feel extremely proud of your blog, and you should!
6. You will learn a lot about HTML and coding but never really understand what it means.
7. You will need coffee. A lot of it.
8. When you need to write a post, sometimes you will find every possible way to procrastinate and try putting it off.
9. The best content comes naturally where you feel passionate about what you're writing.
10. You will sit in bed for hours writing posts and editing pictures.
11. Finding the perfect lighting for pictures can be difficult.
12. You will rearrange your whole desk / picture space to get the perfect angle and lighting for the shot.
13. You will come up with amazing and unique ideas but find that someone has already created it.
14. You will watch your blog grow over the years and months and be extremely happy about it.
15. You will eventually get contacted by PR agencies.
16. Staying true to your followers and content is key.
17. You think you need a lot more of what you 'blog' about, but the truth is you already have a lot of what you blog about, hence why you're doing it!
18. Sometimes you might feel unsatisfied.
19. It's okay to have writers block.
20. Don't compare your story or success to others.
21. Your writing style will enhance over the time you've been blogging.
22. You will love being a blogger and interacting with other people.
23. Making new blogger friends will be one of the best parts about blogging.
24. You will not have an overnight success. Blogging takes time and effort.
25. You don't have to have it all figured out.
26. You will discover a lot of new blogs.
27. Don't put too much pressure on numbers or followers. Your blog will grow organically and the numbers will flow in.
28. You get to write about what you love right from the comfort of your home.
29. You're always updated with new trends, launches or news
30. Make the most of your time blogging as its an amazing way to interact and write about what you love!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Xo

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  1. Great post! Lots of things I nodded my head along to as I read and some important reminders too :)

    Madeline Loves

  2. OH LOL number 1 and 2 is just soooooo true :p Such a fun post.
    Just found your blog and definitely loving it!


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