Thursday, 30 October 2014

Beauty Edit: Nude Lipsticks

If I could only wear one type of lipstick on a daily basis my choice of colour would repeatedly always be nudes. Now I don't mean the type of nude where it looks like you've smeared concealer all over your lips, actually I'm talking about a colour far from it. I'm talking the type of nudes which match your lip color and compliment your skin type. The kind of lipstick that looks effortless but can also be a statement with bold and heavy make up.

It's safe to say I own far too many lipsticks, with a specific concentration on pinks and beiges. I wanted to share a few of my favorites because their the ones I reach to the most. This bunch is a mix of both low and high end prices so there's something for everyone..

First up is Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish lipstick in Posh Tone. I've owned this one for almost a year now and as you can see it's basically on its last legs. This is my perfect 'everyday' lipstick, the 'your lips but better' shade. The formula of the lipstick feels buttery and glides on like a dream. Not to mention it also leaves a glossy effect on the lips and keeps them hydrated. I personally love this formula as I find it very natural and it's become one of my all time favourites. 

Secondly we have Giorgio Armani's Rouge Ectasy lipstick in '104'. This lipstick range has been raved about for so long so I know I had to give it a try. It's a little bit more of a true nude but I absolutely love the finish of it. It goes on smooth and leaves a velvet and glossy like finish on the lips. It's my favorite formula of all 4 lipsticks. Rimmel's Kate Lipstick in 03 is a drugstore gem. This is by far the best nude lipstick on the high street in my opinion. It's not too nude or too beige, it has a warm undertone and I find it complents most skin tones. Rimmel do a great range of lipsticks that are purse friendly. Lastly, theres Mac's lipstick in Modesty. I find that this one is a bit more bold and mauve but I love the finish and color it gives. I wear this more at night where I want my lips to stand out.

Other nude lipsticks on my wishlist: Tom Ford 'Pink Dusk', Mac 'Velvet Teddy', Charlotte Tilbury 'Nude Kate.'

Whats your favorite nude lipstick? Have you tried any of these? Xx A


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  1. I have a serious lipstick addiction as well! Love your picks, stunning colours

    X Emma |


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