Monday, 26 January 2015

January Blues... Wishlist + Inspiration

January Wishlist

As we fight the January blues a little fashion + beauty inspiration can help us get through the cold month. It's said that the first few weeks of the year can be a little slow so I wanted to share my favourite picks of the month and some great sales that'll get you looking forward to the upcoming months. Hope you enjoy it! You can shop the items + more below xx


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Rainy Day Ritual

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I posted a picture to my Instagram yesterday as I was having a day inside to avoid the rain and gloomy weather.  I thought it would be interesting to share what my 'days inside' look like with a minimal post offering some advice.  Rainy days in London are more frequent than not and there's no doubt about feeling gloomy and wanting to stay indoors for as long as possible. Whilst staying indoors might seem like a luxury to some, it can get pretty boring when you run out of things to do, so here are my tips and advice for a rainy day inside.

Read some magazines. There's no better time than having some 'me time' on a rainy or sick day where you feel like doing nothing but lounging around. Magazines and/or books are a great way to relax and requires minimal effort. If you don't have magazines around the house then I'll usually opt for some online blogs or pin on pinterest (you can follow me here) to keep me busy but also inspired.

Watch a movie. I hear so many people saying they never have time to watch a movie. A rainy day is exactly your time to be doing so. With the weather outside looking gloomy, this only calls for preparing a hot drink, whipping up some snacks and sitting in front of the TV and watching a movie. Invite a friend or go round to theirs for some company if you feel bored doing so alone.

Get things off your to do list. Are you someone who has a bunch of jobs to do around the house but never get them done? Now's the time. Although the thought of doing it seems so much worse than actually doing, I promise you will feel accomplished with your day and time and forget that you've spent it inside.

Online shop. I saved the best for last, didn't I? The comfort of shopping straight from your home is one of the best things to do when you have a bit of time to yourself. If there's something I know I've been wanting to get for a while but never made the time to go out and get it - then now's the perfect time for that purchase. My favourite places for online shopping are Missguided, Selfridges and Shopbop. Plus, when you come home to packages waiting at your doorstep it makes the day just a little bit better, right?

I hope you find these tips useful. Thanks for reading! Xo
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