Friday, 29 January 2016

My Personal Goals For 2016 | Lifestyle

I’ve read a couple of these posts at the beginning of the year and I love reading about other people’s motivation and inspiration. As we brought in the new year I took some time to reflect back on 2015 and think about what my goals are going to be for the new year. I wasn’t sure about posting this as I don’t really talk ‘personal’ here on the blog but I think it’s relatable and I always learn from what others have to say. That being said, I hope this post inspires you and let’s talk about some goals I have for 2016.

Eat Healthier – I think this may be on everyone’s ‘personal goals’ I’ve seen, and theres a reason for that after the end of last year where we spent days over-indulding! This isn’t something I plan to do for a short while but rather make eating healthier as part of my daily lifestyle throughout the year. I believe in everything in moderation and not stopping yourself from having something you want but being mindful of it and not going over the top.

Work With New Brands – As I’m taking my blog Style and Social into a more refined space of beauty and lifestyle I want to incorporate some fun content with new brands.  I always try to improve and create the best content I can and I would love to feature new brands and styles on my blog.

Work Out More – Working out more was one of my goals for 2015 and I’m really happy with how much I’ve grown to love it, and this year I want to take it one step ahead. Last year I tried a lot of new fitness classes like spinning which I loved, so I definitely want to keep that up and try other classes too.

Worry Less –  I can be a worrier when it comes down to things, I sometimes like to think it’s down to being a Virgo but it’s also something I want to work on. Sometimes worrying over small and insignificant things isn’t worth the stress and agitation and it’s better to let it go and let things flow.

Grow My Social Media Platforms – I love using social media, especially Instagram and I would love to grow my social media platforms organically. I think people can get tied up in numbers rather than focusing on gathering real readers and people interested in you which is what I aim to do.

Read More – Whether this is reading the news every morning or picking up a book before a holiday, I want to read more and incorporate new ideas and reading into my daily life. I love reading inspirational books and autobiographies where I can learn so I’m definitely going to be looking into getting more.

Get a New Hobby – Last year I invested a lot of my time into fitness and found a new love for kickboxing and fitness in general. Although I’m going to keep that up, I want to find a new hobby that I can spend time doing. Having a blog full time can be hard work but I also like to challenge myself and invest time into other things.

Succeed In What I Do - This is different for everyone, but there's no better feeling than knowing you've done the best you can and the results are showing. I went to University for Writing and Journalism and I love nothing more than incorporating that into my everyday life. Succeeding in what I do covers a lot of matters whether this is my blog, friendships, job or relationships - I want to succeed in make it worthwhile.

If you’re looking for more inspiration I have a Pinterest board specifically for that. I hope this year brings you everything you want and more and that you've enjoyed reading this post. You can keep ip with more of my blog content here. What are some of your personal goals? A xx

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