Saturday, 23 July 2016

Beauty Products You Need For Summer

I talk about it all year round: summer beauty is my absolute favourite. The lighter layers, the sun kissed skin, the bronze complexion; I wish I could sport this look all year round. Over the past few months I've picked up a few products that I filed away as summer must haves, as I tested them and knew they would be great in the warmer weather. See my edit below to read about my must have and summer saviours.

An innoviotive way to incorporate SPF into your daily routine if you don't want the fuss of applying a cream layer before foundation (although you should.) This Bioderma product is great to take with you on the go, spritz before your skin is exposed to UV rays and carry with you as a face refresher. Win-win.

This ocean mist is an absolute summer must have. It leaves you with hair as if you've just walked out of the sea within minutes after use. I love that it's not sticky or holds tight curls or waves in your hair, I have yet to try a salt spray as good as this one. 

Becca x Champagne pop was the most spoken about highlighter of this year. With plenty of new launches underway, from face palettes to blush colours, there's a also a new liquid formula to the cult highlighter. This goes onto the skin light a dream and blends effortlessly well to give a natural glow from within. 

I talk about this product to almost everyone, from friends to co-workers. It's the perfect multitasking beauty product that you can use on hair, skin and body. I personally prefer using it on skin as a layer before moisturiser to really lock in the hydration and to give a subtle sheen to the skin.

This is seriously that good that I devoted a whole blog post to it (here.) It's the perfect summer fragrance, with notes of bergamot, warm amber and vanilla that instantly make you feel fresh. If only I could make this fragrance available all year round!


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