Monday, 17 October 2016

Defining 'Style and Social'

When I first started my blog in 2013, I knew exactly the direction that I wanted to go. My blog was an outlet for me to express my passion for beauty, to include reviews, talk about my favourites, show fellow beauty lovers what I’ve been trying lately and create a community that showcases the positive side of beauty blogging. Over the years, there’s been many ups and down’s and my blog hasn’t always been consistent. Some of my friends say that if I had kept up the momentum that I started in 2013, things could be a lot different now: but that’s not what I see as my journey in blogging. Nowadays, as sad as it is to say, some people become bloggers because they’re after the notion that bloggers lead extremely extravagant and very privileged lives. Don’t get me wrong, some do: but the amount of work and dedication that they’ve put into their work is the reason they do. Some people think blogging may give them some fame, or that they’ll be getting free samples/products from PR companies which motivates them to work hard. Let me just say that if you’re in blogging for these reasons, this isn’t the path for you. Blogging may have become a lot more saturated over the years, with less focus on writing and more on presentation, photography and, dare I say it, a social following, the most important aspect of blogging will always be your passion that you’re blogging about. If this is your number 1 goal, you will get far in blogging. Of course, anything that is worth while takes time, effort, patience, hard work and dedication, but if it wasn’t for all of that then nothing would be worth it. 3 years on, I'm so motivated and excited about this blog, and I want to continue creating a space where fellow bloggers can read about new products, see exciting reviews, learn about new launches and realise why blogging is a great community.

Beauty will always be my main focus, but I hope to branch out to other sections that I’ve become so passionate about over the past few years. I love travelling, so there will definitely be a travel section in my blog. This can range from reviews of restaurants, to places to eat, best brunch spots, or where to stay in a city.

The corinthia hotel, @alarabasul
I recently visited Dubai and it had changed so much since I last went there, so I definitely want to get writing about some new finds that I’ve discovered. I also love fashion, and I love hunting out new trends or finding high street dupes to high-end designer pieces that make it more accessible for everyone.

Instagram @alarabasul
I’ll be incorporating some sort of fashion series, either a look book or diary, to show readers a little more diversity and more about my style and what I love. Lifestyle as a whole, is a topic I love to talk about. This covers a myriad of things: interiors, general life, living in London, so I’m going to be discovering new ways of reaching out to you guys in a way that you would find helpful but also rewarding.

I hope for some of you who have followed me over the years, or are new to this blog, give you a better understanding of what I love to do and redefine what Style and Social is all about.

The more positivity you radiate, the more positive your life will be - I’m such a firm believer of always being kind and polite, no matter what the circumstance is and I hope this shows through my work as a writer and blogger. In relation to my 'professional career', I've been working for some great magazines over the past few years, as well as doing some freelance writing and presenting, so if anyone is interested in hearing more about my experiences, please let me know!

Thank you so much for following my journey, and I’m really looking forward to the new content, ideas, and pieces that will be featured on here. If you have a blog, please leave me your link in the comments so I can check it out.

Alara x

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