Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Multitasking Beauty Products

When a product claims to be multitasking, I'm all for it. Some promise to save you time, and some may be used for more than one thing, so what exactly is not to love? Multi-tasking products are extremely efficient when travelling, or when you need to have products with you on the go (because no-one really wants to carry 17 products in their make up bag for a step-by-step routine, right?) 

My HG when it comes to bronzing and highlighting, and I don't use that term lightly. I like to try a lot of different products but I always find myself coming back to this handy palette. This palette is great for multitasking as you can double up the bronzer as a crease eye shadow and the highlighter as an all over colour and brow highlight. Magical multitasker.

Bobbi Brown's pot rouges have won several beauty awards and have been hailed as favourites by some of the industry's leading professionals. Surely, there must be a good reason for this? The multitasking pot rouge is perfect for swiping a wash of colour on the cheeks, and even applying it on the lips for a subtle balm-like finish. 

If you’ve tried the Elizabeth arden 8 hour cream then this should be familiar territory. An all rounder great oil, you can use this on skin, hair and body and it smells incredibly divine. I always take this away with me when I travel.

I’ve named this as a multitasking product because it’s all I really need when I’m on holiday for my hair. A spritz of this stuff will leave your hair looking beach-wave ready, with no need to use your curling tongs to achieve such a look. I use this on wet and dry hair, and it's all I need to give my hair some added volume and texture.  

Although this is technically a blush, it's one of my all time favourite contouring products. Not only for contouring though, as this makes a great crease colour too and I also sometimes use it in my eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. If I don't have the time to fill in my brows properly I use a small amount of this through them and I'm ready to go. Make sure you find the right colour for your brows, as this somehow suits my light brown brows, as you don't want it to contrast with you skin, obviously.

What are your favourite multitasking products? Have you tried any of these? A x


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