Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The fragrance I can't get enough of | Valentino Donna

Ah boxing day. The day where you know you shouldn't be browsing online, because Christmas was just the day before, but you can't help it.  I inevitably fell in the newsletter-looks-too-good-to-miss trap and found myself on a couple of websites, looking at things I certainly didn't need. Apart from one thing. Perfume.

There were so many great discounts going on in, especially in department stores, that I thought it's a great time to take advantage of favourite products and trying new ones. I needed a new everyday fragrance and found myself browsing through the fragrance department at Debenhams (so many discounts, such little time.)

When it comes to scents, I usually go for sweet, musky scents that are easy and suitable for everyday. I don't like something too powering as I find it's usually too much to wear during the day and in the office. I was between two scents actually, B by Balenciaga and then came across the Valentino Donna scent which was one I've wanted for agesssss.

This fragrance is the most elegant perfume I own. When I tested it on my wrist I immediately loved the smell and knew it would be a great everyday perfume. Valentino Donna has top notes of bergamot, with base notes of vanilla which creates the most amazing & subtle scent. It also has great packaging, with almost stud-like glass covering the pretty pink bottle. It's the perfect accessory for the vanity table (when you're not using it, of course.)  I'm literally obsessed with this perfume and so glad I tried it. I definitely recommend trying it next time you go past a Valentino counter as I guarantee if you like similar sweet and musky scents like me you'll love this one.

I bought the fragrance from Debenhams, and they currently have three sizes available.



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