Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Review: YSL Beauty Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundations first emerged into the beauty scene thanks to Japanese beauty brands. The trend was then followed by the rest of the world and brands understood the hype behind these skin-like foundations that aim to make skin look natural and glowing.

I've tried a couple of cushion foundations and have been generally impressed overall. The longevity and coverage of course varies on the formula designed by the brand but generally the skin-like glow from within is a finish that seems to work well on my combination skin.

I've been wanting to try this product from YSL Beauty as it's been raved out from bloggers and beauty experts, so I picked one up in Debenhams and gave it a try. With any product from YSL, you can expect the packaging to be sleek with a modern-looking finish. It completely stands out on your dressing table, and if purchased with outer packing (re-users can purchase the capsule foundation alone) makes for a great keepsake product.

The longevity
Is surprisingly good. I've been testing this on 9-5 work days, where I apply my make up around 7.30am and find that it lasts all day without going patchy or coming off.

The coverage
Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage of this foundation. I'd say its a medium finish that leaves skin light and glowy and covers more than your average tinted moisturiser. I got this in shade B40, which in reference is around a NC37 in Mac foundations and 'Barcelona' in the Nars Sheer Glow. The shade selection isn't as good as the rest of the foundations from YSL, but if you have olive skin with warm undertones B30 or 40 would be a good match.

The price
This is the only down side to the product. At £38 a go, it's not a cheap product (although it's available on sale here.) However, once you buy the product with the packaging, you can buy the inside fillers for a lot less so that it saves having to re-purchase the packaging. I'd recommend going to a YSL beauty counter and getting the make up artists to swatch the product and test it all over so you can see the coverage. Make sure you look at your skin in natural day light too as the colour can adapt to your skintone.

I'd definitely recommend going to a YSL counter if you're on the hunt for a new everyday foundation and giving this a go. It's a massive yes from me! X


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